Tuesday, 16 November 2010


new walls, tellin it like it is, spit in your face, art fag - its all fake
let loose on the page, write the mo fo truth and watch them fade
away into the deep hole they dug for themselves I am the anti everything
and if you can't handle, He might say
I am too much but for me just not enough
It is my art
the anger that spews
and they wonder
but why does it resonate
the bull shit
makes me want to irinate
on you
your court papers
your lies of deception
your untruths
your constitutions
your institutions
I am a conspiracy
against all they told me
the schools
the boxes of
corn flakes
mind control
But I am
the conspiracy you were
hoping to avoid

Saturday, 16 October 2010


I hoping to see you today and I waited down by the railway tracks and was looking west expecting you and Kerouac to come around the corner with a bottle of wine, a couple of straights and a bag of stuff but you didn't show up. Yeah, well, probably a nasty dream or one of those tests the universe gives you, but in the dream... it just seemed so damn real. You were there, your dirty S.F. undershirt covered in stains from the night before and you were carrying a book you said you found in Morocco. You were muttering about the "Blue Men" and how they live in the desert and that we should meet at the train tracks today and set sail for the adventure of a lifetime, how we were all going to travel over there and start our community, out in the desert, with these "Blue Men" and stop paying taxes and belonging to anything.Just start it all over, living in tents and riding around on camels, living for free, trusting that the desert would provide for us. The book you kept cradling had all the secret messages you said and that with this book, "all ends well". You just kept repeating that in the dream "that all ends well".I took for real, I mean, my life lately was going no where, most of my friends and family ignore anything I have to say, I'm considered too weird even for the really fucked upped street urchins and I came here hoping to see you. Been sleeping in the back of an abandoned army truck and have stashed about 40, 000 dollars that I had wanted to use or spend on an adventure. No one of course knows I have this cash or they'd be all over me and really, I don't want to buy friends and not really interested in buying anything. Anyway, guess I took the dream too serious(but it is how I found the money so I know I should pay attention to these dreams from experience).One more thing, your cat that you wear in the drawing, does it still have a dry cleaning red tag on the collar, inside? Yeah, cause if it does, you were here then. I found it by the Bull pen (cop station) in the back next to the dumpster. Hope if you were here you're okay. P.S. only told you about the money because I know you're cool, not jones's for anything and thatrightuos guys don't care about material shit. My farm name is Rabbit and I'll be around so if you feel like visit me again...in a dream